noun | [lee-der-ship ]

Leadership is the ability to motivate and organise a group of people towards achieving a common goal. It is the ability to gain the trust and respect of group members by behaving responsibly and in a fair manner, and putting others’ needs before our own. It includes the ability to understand strengths and vulnerabilities of group members, so as to align them with tasks that optimize their performance. Leadership is also the ability to cause changes in other people and social systems.

Leadership skills benefit every aspect of our lives by helping in the development of key personal qualities such as perseverance, being committed and responsible, resilience, self-confidence, etc. Leaders use interpersonal and problem-solving skills to influence and guide others towards change.

Leadership In Action

The person will be able to:

  • Lead a group towards achieving a goal.
  • Delegate tasks to group members.
  • Accept suggestions and inputs from the group members.
  • Express confidence in others and their ability to contribute to the group.
  • Make others feel valued in the group.
  • Influence others through effective use of words and actions.
  • View challenges as things that can be overcome with effort and innovative thinking.
  • Be receptive to new and unfamiliar ideas, perspectives and experiences.
  • Show resilience in tough situations.

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