noun | [ oh-puhn ] [mahyn-did-ness]

Open-Mindedness is the ability and willingness to form and revise our views, impartially and objectively in the light of available evidence and argument. It is our ability to remain non-judgmental and have a liberal outlook that regards all ideas as equally worthy. It prevents us from making hasty judgements and fosters intellectual curiosity and an appreciation of diversity.

Open-Mindedness helps us seek feedback from external sources and be willing to look within and self-analyze, and also seek out assistance for perceived flaws.

Open-Mindedness In Action

The person will be able to:

  • Adapt willingly and easily to change, both positive and negative.
  • Accept feedback on self from others.
  • Accept others’ perspectives.
  • Accept and appreciate differences in others.
  • Appreciate new aesthetic, cultural or intellectual experiences.
  • Accept both past and present circumstances or feelings in life.
  • Experiment with new technology.
  • Experiment with unfamiliar and uncertain situations.
  • Explore new and unfamiliar ideas and experiences, without personal opinion or judgement.

Related Life Skills

Also Known As

Hindi | 

खुली सोच

Marathi | 

विचारांमध्ये लवचिक असणे


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