noun | [ ri-spon-suh-bil-i-tee ]

Responsibility is the ability to recognize our role, purpose and appropriate response in a personal or social context and to proactively carry it out to the best of our ability. It involves both concrete action and concern for the needs of ourselves and others. It includes being motivated to take civic action for the greater good. It includes our ability to align our thoughts and behaviours with ethical actions to take care of ourselves and others around us.

There are two facets to Responsibility – personal and social. Personal Responsibility helps us become autonomous, grow in independence and confidence. Social Responsibility skills lead to prosocial behaviors, communicating concern for others and practising civic skills.

Responsibility In Action

The person will be able to:

  • Make decisions considering basic personal physical safety.
  • Participate in household chores proportional to their ability.
  • Honour commitments, and be punctual and reliable.
  • Maintain peace and follow norms in public spaces.
  • Accept errors and consequences.
  • Reflect on and communicate their needs.
  • Engage in healthy self-evaluation.
  • Judge risks and take them safely.
  • Recognize rationale behind rules set down by family and school systems and follow them when they are not oppressive.
  • Start forming an understanding of issues in the world, like the environment, human rights, social justice etc.

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