Learning to Learn

noun | [ lur-ning ] [ too ] [ lurn ]

Learning to Learn is the ability to pursue and persist in learning, to organise our own learning, through effective management of time and information. It includes awareness of the learning process, our needs and preferred learning strategies, the strengths and weaknesses of our skills and qualifications; identifying available opportunities; and the ability to overcome obstacles in order to learn successfully. It means gaining, processing and assimilating new knowledge and skills as well as seeking and making use of available guidance and support.

Learning to Learn helps us build on prior learning and life experiences in order to use and apply knowledge and skills in a variety of contexts – at home, at work, in education and training. This is an imperative skill to survive and adapt to a constantly changing world.

Learning to Learn In Action

Learning to Learn in Action

The person will be able to:

  • Think about how they learn best.
  • Manage their time and work patterns.
  • Persevere with learning.
  • Concentrate for extended periods.
  • Evaluate their own work.
  • Learn to work collaboratively as part of the learning process.
  • Dedicate time to learning autonomously.
  • Reflect critically on the purposes and aims of learning.
  • Seek advice, feedback and support when appropriate.
  • Be open to constantly learning from their own experiences and from others.

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Also Known As

Hindi | 

सीखना कैसे सीखें

Marathi | 

शिकायला शिकणे


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