Life skills are important to empower children and young adults to prepare for their future. They are also an integral part of ensuring their wellbeing. One of the challenges in developing life skills is lack of enough contextualised and focused assessment tools, These tools can help provide useful information to education systems as they devise life skills policies and interventions.

The focus of Life Skills Collaborative (LSC) is to contribute a set of assessment tools for life skills. These tools have been designed to be robust and scientifically accurate. They are being developed in a collaborative model, contextualised and adapted to the local context and made available as public goods through Creative Commons licensing. LSC aims to create, establish, and disseminate an assessments repository that will help evaluate the overall preparedness of the learning ecosystem as well as the teachers and students, to help integrate life skills education into mainstream curriculum.

Currently, LSC collaborators are developing tools for System, Teachers, and Adolescents (11 to 18yrs)


The overarching principles adhered to in the design and development of the four LSC Assessment tools are:

  • Assessment tools are designed for the public education system and are being designed and built as system level assessment tools
  • Assessment tools will not be used to prioritise / de-priortise specific life skills
  • Assessment tools will be validated holistically by diverse stakeholders to ensure its rigour, relevance and effectiveness
  • To ensure consistency across Assessment tools, the Assessment tools will be
    aligned to the LSC India Glossary for life skills
  • Assessments are designed for large scale adoption and hence will be made available through creative commons to relevant stakeholders


  • Assessment tools are designed for the public education system and are being designed and built as system level assessment tools
  • LSC is working in partnership with local and state governments across Maharashtra, Mizoram, Rajasthan, and Uttarakhand to contextualise and rationalise the life skill assessment tools for the System, Teachers, and Adolescents. We have conducted multiple workshops and gathered inputs from government experts that have helped us improve and contextualize the Assessment Tools for these states.

    LSC, through its collaborators, has partnered with these state governments to build and pilot the LSC Assessment tools with over 40,000 students,1,000 teachers, and 100 State government officials. The tools will be implemented in these states in state languages of Hindi, Marathi, and Mizo.

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