LSC Assessments  / Assessments Tool Kit


The LSC assessment tools have been created as public goods to help strengthen assessments of life skills in India. The aim is to create and establish a robust, scientific and scalable assessments repository. This will be designed for public education and for informing large-scale programmes that will help evaluate the overall preparedness of the learning ecosystem including teachers and students, to help integrate life skills into the mainstream education system. 

Four different tools have been created by the Life Skills Collaborative members :

  1. LSC Future Readiness Assessment for Adolescents 
  2. LSC Social and Emotional Wellbeing Assessment for Adolescents
  3. LSC Teacher Assessment
  4. LSC System Assessment

These tools have been created after months of research, rigour and consultations with experts from the four LSC partner states of Maharashtra, Mizoram, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand, and with internationally renowned experts. The tool has been translated into local languages for each of the four states - Marathi, Mizo and Hindi. These assessments are designed as robust, scientific, and scalable and have been contextualised and made in the language of the states they are being deployed in. A rigorous validation exercise was undertaken with the intended stakeholders to refine the tools as well.