Risk Taking

noun | [ risk ] [ tey-king ]

Risk Taking is the ability to accept a challenging task that simultaneously involves potential for failure as well as for accomplishment or personal benefit. It is a behaviour we undertake even when the likelihood of its outcome, benefit and implications for self and others, is uncertain to us. Risk Taking is also about taking the unpredictable alternative by choice, with intention.

Risk Taking leads to learning new skills. Benefits of risk taking also include empowering students to make life choices, making new friends, and learning how to fail and grow from failure.

Risk Taking In Action

The person is able to :

  • Try a new activity where they could embarrass themselves.
  • Spend time with a new group of people when they are not sure they would fit in.
  • Take up a new activity that seems challenging.
  • Join a new club or activity when they are not sure they would like it.
  • Present a new idea to the entire class even though they are unsure of it themselves.
  • Volunteer for a leadership position in a group project that they are unfamiliar with.
  • Engage in tasks even when the outcome of it is uncertain.

Related Life Skills

Also Known As

Hindi | 

जोखिम उठाना

Marathi | 

जोखिम घेणे


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