Decision Making

noun | [ dih-sizh-uhn ] [mey-king ]

Decision Making is the ability to choose between two or more courses of action. It is the ability to identify and analyze the implications and consequences of our decisions. It is a process of making thoughtful, constructive and responsible choices about personal behaviour related to health, relationships, career and lifestyle, considering existing social, ethical and safety norms, in varied conditions.. It includes being able to make decisions independently and taking responsibility for our actions.

This key skill when imbibed at a young age contributes to a feeling of autonomy and also a sense of fulfilment. Decision Making is also proven to positively impact the attitude and effort we put into any task.

Decision Making In Action

The person will be able to :

  • Make informed decisions based on their own experience and learning.
  • Understand and evaluate the consequences of their decisions.
  • Take personal responsibility for the consequences of their decisions.
  • Consider others’ needs while making decisions.
  • Evaluate the influence of social norms and authority on personal decision making.
  • Apply ethical reasoning while making decisions.
  • Make responsible decisions with respect to interpersonal and group relationships.
  • Analyse how present decision making affects college and career choices.
  • Evaluate the influence of personal biases and discrimination on personal decision making.
  • Identify and evaluate strategies to resist pressure to engage in unsafe or unethical activities.
  • Improve study habits and academic performance through responsible decision making skills.

Related Life Skills

Also Known As

Hindi | 

निर्णय लेना

Marathi | 

निर्णय घेणे


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