noun | [ ih-nish-uh-tiv ]

Initiative is the ability that motivates us to independently engage with ideas, people and experiences with enthusiasm. It is our ability to contribute to preferred activities, seek new experiences, ask questions, and take on challenges. It includes the capacity to take action, be resourceful and introduce a new course of action when required, sustain motivation, and work towards an identified goal. Initiative hinges on the belief that outcomes depend on our own actions rather than fate, chance or others.

Initiative skills are linked to enterprise, taking charge, follow-through, determination, and leadership. These skills help us engage effectively with the world around us and motivate us to pursue our desired goals. People with skills of initiative tend to accept responsibility for their attitudes and behaviour, and gain the trust of others.

Initiative In Action

The person will be able to:

  • Actively take part in their own learning.
  • Show enthusiasm for learning by asking questions.
  • Actively engage in ideas, projects and tasks.
  • Take on increasingly complex roles and tasks independently.
  • Work independently, define, prioritize and complete tasks without constant monitoring.
  • Go beyond basic acquisition of skills to explore and expand their own learning and gain expertise.
  • Identify and seek support in tasks that might be difficult to achieve by themselves.

Related Life Skills

Also Known As

Hindi | 

पहल करना

Marathi | 

पुढाकार घेणे


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