noun | [ ey-juhn-see ]

Agency is the ability to make intentional and informed decisions about our lives, and take autonomous actions, even in the face of opposition. It is our ability to influence our functioning and the course of events through our actions, and make a difference to a relationship, a decision, or even a set of social assumptions and constraints. It includes the ability to set aspirational goals for ourselves and work towards them, making use of available resources, both internal and external, as well as navigating external power structures as required. Agency also refers to the sense of control or belief we have in our own ability to succeed in specific situations.

Agency provides autonomy and empowerment to young people, the vulnerable and historically disadvantaged communities.

Agency In Action

The person will be able to:

  • Express their thoughts and feelings openly.
  • Actively participate in taking decisions about themselves, even if they are not in line with societal expectations.
  • Assert themselves and stand up for what they want to do.
  • Navigate changed circumstances successfully.
  • Decide on goals that are in line with their values, interests and desires.
  • Work confidently and efficiently towards their goals by utilising and coordinating available resources.
  • Actively contribute to bringing about change to themselves, and/or to their environment.
  • Use strategies to stand up for any wrongdoing in society.

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