Media Literacy

noun | [ mee-dee-uh ] [ lit-er-uh-see ]

Media Literacy is the ability to critically understand, analyse and interpret the media content available to us, in both print and electronic forms. It includes the ability to access, use and communicate media content in a variety of forms, as well as understand different kinds of media. This ability equips us to use the media content ethically, generate new content and as well as create a participatory culture for everybody to contribute to the new content.

Media Literacy as a skill supports us to critically engage with information presented by the media, understand how to identify and deal with fake news, as well as be aware of the effects of media on people.

Media Literacy In Action

The person will be able to:

  • Use various media tools to access information – audio, image or other data.
  • Use different search engines and databases to find the data that is needed.
  • Question the media content.
  • Examine the purpose for which the media content was created and shared.
  • Examine the implicit meaning and purpose of the content as perceived by the reader.
  • Recognise harmful content and protect themselves from the same.
  • Evaluate the media content and ascertain whether the content complies with ethical standards.
  • Evaluate the possible consequences of sharing media content that contains information or images that belong to other people and require permission to share.
  • Evaluated the possible consequences of sharing media content that contains information or images that might be disrespectful of marginalised peoples and cultures.
  • Use media tools to arrange activities such as digital campaigns, discussion forums and blogs in order to find a solution to problems or generate social sensitivity around a particular issue.

Related Life Skills

Also Known As

Hindi | 

मीडिया साक्षरता

Marathi | 

मीडिया साक्षरता


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