noun | [ self ] [ ef-i-kuh-see ]

Self-Efficacy is the belief we have in our own capacity and abilities to meet the challenges ahead of us and complete a task successfully. It reflects confidence in our ability to exert control over our own motivation, behaviour, and social environment. Self-Efficacy has two key components – the belief that ability can grow with effort and the belief in that ability to meet specific goals and expectations.

Self-Efficacy is seen as positively affecting motivation and performance. Students with high self-efficacy also tend to have high optimism, resulting in better academic performance, more effective personal adjustment, better coping with stress, better health, and higher overall satisfaction.

Self-Efficacy In Action

The person will be able to:

  • Work hard towards a particular goal with the belief that genuine efforts always pay off.
  • Deal efficiently with unexpected events with confidence.
  • Remain calm when facing difficulties knowing they can rely on their coping abilities.
  • Overcome many challenges successfully.
  • Perform effectively on many different tasks.
  • Develop just about any skill if they practise every day.
  • Change their basic level of ability to a significant level.

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Also Known As

Hindi | 

आत्म प्रभावकारिता

Marathi | 

स्वतःची प्रभावकारिता


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