Noun | [ kuhm-pash-uhn ]

Compassion is our ability to feel for others when they are in pain and be motivated to take action to relieve their suffering. It includes five essential elements – recognizing other people’s pain, accepting that human suffering is universal, feeling for the sufferer, tolerating the discomfort it causes to us without being judgmental and feeling motivated to help. It includes the aspect of Global Compassion which refers to compassion felt toward others regardless of their relationship with us, their status, background, membership to any group, and overall circumstances.

Compassion is an enduring skill that is associated with a range of positive attitudes and behaviours towards self, others and humanity as a whole. It is kindness and empathy extended beyond our own people thereby contributing to prosocial behaviour, conflict resolution, and peacekeeping at a global level.

Compassion In Action

The person will be able to:

  • Recognize others’ feelings and emotions in particular situations.
  • Identify their own feelings and emotions as they witness or hear about another person’s pain, suffering, hardships and misfortunes.
  • Recognize how they feel when they hear about a person’s or a group’s suffering who is not related to them.
  • Engage in simple acts of kindness on a day to day basis with people within their circle, as well as with strangers and animals.
  • Come up with ways in which they can reach out and help others.
  • Identify and validate people’s experiences across gender. race, ethnicity, geographical locations, religion, socio-economic strata etc. and show their readiness to help.
  • Demonstrate a humane approach towards global problems.
  • Commit to causes and put together resources in order to mobilize help.

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