Critical Thinking

noun | [krit-i-kuhl ] [ thing-king ]

Critical Thinking is the ability to question, interpret, analyse, evaluate, infer and explain using reliable evidence and reasoning, conceptual knowledge, clear criteria and relevant context. It helps us solve problems, learn new concepts, develop innovative solutions or make an independent judgement or decision. It is a skill through which we are able to reflect on our own thinking, observe our own biases, ascertain credibility of information, recognise and interpret ambiguous and conflicting information, be open-minded, flexible and fair.

This skill is vital for developing young people to be competent, reflective and independent, valuing reason and truth, while being respectful of others. It is considered a key skill necessary for lifelong learning and navigating an increasingly complex world.

Critical Thinking In Action

The person will be able to:

  • Gather information and understanding through framing questions relevant to the context.
  • Make correlations between various types of information available.
  • Interpret the available information and draw conclusions.
  • Analyse the pros and cons of making a decision.
  • Reflect and question their own views.
  • Notice and examine their own biases.
  • Acknowledge reasonable arguments made.
  • Snthesise different ideas and opinions.

Related Life Skills

Also Known As

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