Perspective Taking

noun | [ per-spek-tiv ] [ tey-king ]

Perspective Taking is the ability to imagine and understand a situation based on how it appears to others and their cognitive and emotional response to it. It is the ability to recognize their points of view, experiences and beliefs even when different from our own. This recognition creates the basis of mutual understanding, leading to new learning, reshaping our social interactions and developing new world views that are broader and more inclusive in nature.

Overall, Perspective Taking promotes social bonds, unlocks the potential of diversity in teams, leads to creative solutions and diminishes the possibility and impact of stereotyping.

Perspective Taking In Action

The person will be able to:

  • Practise active listening skills when their friends or group members are sharing their story or viewpoint.
  • Identify the need to seek out and include views, opinions and experiences of their classmates, teammates and groups in general.
  • Identify and acknowledge the experiences, feelings, and viewpoints of others even though they are different from their own.
  • Find ways of expressing their emotions in ways that others can understand and accept, especially in times of conflicts and differences of opinion.

Related Life Skills

Also Known As

Hindi | 

नज़रिया लेना

Marathi | 

दृष्टीकोन घेणे


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