Creative Thinking

Adjective | [ kree-ey-tiv ] [ thing-king ]

Creative Thinking is the ability to engage in the generation, evaluation and improvement of diverse ideas, which can result in original and effective solutions, advancement in knowledge and meaningful expressions of imagination. It involves making connections across topics, concepts, disciplines and methodologies.

Creative Thinking is a vital life skill which enables us to imagine, innovate and respond to unexpected or changing situations. It can improve other abilities like metacognition and problem-solving skills, as well as promote identity development, academic achievement, future career success and social engagement.

Creative Thinking In Action

The person will be able to :

  • Follow new approaches and produce original ideas.
  • See existing situations in new ways or improve on existing ideas.
  • Act on intuition.
  • Identify alternative explanations.
  • Generate diverse and numerous ideas.
  • Generate ideas that are relevant to the requirements of the problem/situation.
  • Form unexpected combinations from available information to come up with solutions or new ideas.
  • Engage in the task because they find it rewarding, enjoyable and challenging rather than for incentives offered.

Related Life Skills

Also Known As

Hindi | 

सर्जनशील विचारधारा

Marathi | 

सर्जनशील विचार


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