Coping with Stress

noun | [ koh-ping ] [ with ] [ stres ]

Coping with Stress is the ability to acknowledge and accept the stress in our lives, recognize its source and the effect it has on us. It includes the ability to take action to reduce/ overcome stress, as well as manage the source of stress. This skill also includes our ability to understand our emotions and reactions to conflict, as well as manage feelings of anxiety and other difficult emotions in order to function effectively in a range of situations.

This skill provides us with the strength to face stressful, unpredictable and conflicting situations, deal with accompanying emotions and look for solutions that are most beneficial.

Coping with Stress In Action

The person will be able to :

  • Recognise and acknowledge stress in their lives.
  • Identify situations wherein they tend to feel stressed.
  • Identify their own physical and emotional responses to stress.
  • Identify conflicting emotions and use strategies to manage them.
  • Identify activities that help them relax.
  • Recognise the advantage of talking to somebody to reduce stress.
  • Practise different strategies to manage and reduce stress.

Related Life Skills

Also Known As

Hindi | 

तनाव का सामना

Marathi | 

तणावाचा सामना करणे


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