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LSC Future Readiness Tool


The Future Readiness Skills Assessment Tool has been designed as a robust and versatile assessment to understand how the target populations demonstrate the skills associated with being a future-ready learner in the 21st century. The skills in the future readiness tool have been organised into three focus areas, which further act as an umbrella for different skills that can be categorised under them:

  • Thinking Skills
    • Information Synthesis, Problem-Solving, Critical Thinking, Decision Making and Creative Thinking
  • Relationship Skills
    • Communication, Collaboration, Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership and Entrepreneurship skills 
    • Transformational Entrepreneurship

These skills are further branched into delineated subskill statements that capture different aspects of the skill. These unique subskill statements are what the assessment evaluates.

In concurrence with the international standards for educational and psychological testing, evidence for the validity of the Future Readiness tool was built through various sources, such as the test content and response processes. To empirically validate the tool in all four states, cognitive debriefs were carried out with a variety of stakeholders, including state-level experts, students and school teachers.


View and download the technical brief for LSC Future Readiness Tool here.


Owing to the rigorous process of standardisation, the assessment can be used to draw aggregated insights in large-scale assessment studies and come to conclusions at the test, domain and sub-skill levels. If scores have to be considered at the level of the individual, then they should be used for formative assessment purposes only. The Future Readiness assessment also lends itself to complex analysis, such as arriving at performance benchmarks for students within the state, in order to arrive at granular inferences about student performance.


The LSC Future Readiness Assessment was developed as a collaborative action led by CSSL Global Pvt. Ltd and is authored by – Vyjayanthi Sankar (Founder & Executive Director).

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