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LSC Teacher Assessment Tool


The Teachers’ Assessment Tool developed as part of LSC is a self-administered quantitative tool. The tool enables the state government to identify and strengthen areas of support for building teachers’ capacity. The tool will assess the following outcomes:

  • Teachers’ knowledge and perception
  • Teachers’ instructional preparedness and pedagogy
  • Available and required resources and support

The tool assesses teachers’ preparedness and readiness to deliver Life Skills Education in the state and identifies gaps and strengths and periodically assesses and tracks teachers’ progress. It will provide the state education system with a scalable practical assessment instrument. The insights generated from the teachers’ assessment using this tool will enable the state education system to plan and organise capacity-building initiatives for teachers. 

This was developed based on the key areas of inquiry identified after conducting a focused literature review. The tool is divided into five sections based on the key areas of inquiry identified as part of the literature review. 

  • Background Information
  • Life Skills Education: Relevance and Implementation
  • Teachers’ Perception of Life Skills Education
  • Capacity Building and Support
  • An Enabling Environment and School Climate

To ensure that the tool is easy to comprehend and the questions are relevant to the state context, the tool was validated through a two-district Validation and Contextualization study with government experts and teachers in each of the four states.


View and download the technical brief for the LSC Teacher Assessment Tool here.



The Teachers’ Assessment Tool is available as a public good along with other assessment tools developed as part of the collaborative. Additionally, the collaboration will continue to improve and build more assets for Life Skills Education in India as well as engage with the external ecosystem to drive the adoption of these assets to ensure timely and effective delivery of Life Skills Education for adolescents across the country.


The Teacher Assessment was developed as a collaborative action led by ICRW Asia and is authored by – Aditi Vyas (Assistant Director: Gender, Youth, and Development), Dr Prerna Kumar (Ex Senior Technical Specialist), Rabsimar Kaur Ahluwalia (Research and Program Associate), Pranita Achyut (Director, Research and Programs)

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