Voices is a nationwide engagement with young people, parents, and teachers to capture their insights on life skills. Life Skills Collaborative (LSC) is striving to understand the needs and aspirations of these stakeholders. And, invite their input to bring this important voice into the conversation on life skills. Through the Voices initiative, LSC aims to inform and drive the integration of life skills within public education systems and support government engagement and action.

Through the Voices initiative, LSC will collect inputs from young people, teachers, and parents to find answers to two key questions:

Q1. How do adolescents, young people, teachers, and parents across different social, gender, and geographical contexts in India understand and describe life skills?

Q2. What life skills do adolescents, young people, parents, and teachers consider important to succeed in life?

We believe these answers will provide essential inputs to the policy, intervention, and activities that have been planned by various stakeholders. These inputs will be helpful not only for the government bodies but also be instrumental in informing the civil society organisations on their approach to life skills. ‍With the Voices initiative, our focus is to help contextualise life skills in India. And, bring the conversation on the importance of life skills to the stakeholders who are the end beneficiaries of these interventions.

WHAT LSC intends to achieve


Use Voices to provide inputs on the ground up need for life skills and inform action by government and civil society organisations


Capture how young people across the country develop rich, contextual definitions for life skills


Use the contextual life skill definitions to help states define their program focus, assessments, & interventions


Share inputs with NGOs on what skills young people consider important to succeed in life to facilitate the integration of Voices' inputs in their ongoing/upcoming interventions


2021 was the planning stage to help develop the overall design of engagement for the Voices initiative. We conducted four pilots across 11 states in India in eight languages to finalise our tool and build a robust system. Through this system, we will roll out the exercise in 2022 and 2023.


In Phase 1 of our roll out, Voices will capture inputs from 30,000 stakeholders (young adults, parents, and teachers) across 11 states in 8 languages and will be disseminating the results of this by mid 2022. Phase 2 of our program will focus on getting a wider range of inputs from 70,000 stakeholders and by Phase 3 in 2023, Voices will capture inputs from 100,000 stakeholders.

We will be inviting organisations championing the cause of life skills for young people in India to be a part of the Voices exercise. They would be able to share the perspectives of young people, parents, and teachers. Specifically, perspectives on their aspirations, the meaning of success, and important life skills to pursue a meaningful life.

If you are currently working with these stakeholders and are interested in collecting inputs for the LSC Voices exercise, please write to us at voices@lifeskillscollaborative.in.

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