Dr Biswajit Saha

    Life Skills Collaborative

    December 15, 2022


    Dr Biswajit Saha, Director of Training & Skill Education, CBSE, is involved with the design of the curriculum, and development of student resource books, and training manuals. He also monitors the execution of various teachers’ training programmes by 16 CBSE- Centres of Excellence.

    Prior to joining CBSE, he was a faculty member of Government Engineering College, Agartala and served as OSD (Technical Education), Government of Tripura. He was also associated with Tripura Central University and National Informatics Centre, Govt. of India in various capacities.

    Dr Saha handled the execution of various development projects of the World Bank, MHRD and Ministry of Information Technology, as well as Research Projects of AICTE & UGC.

    Dr Saha has actively participated in the drafting of NVEQF – rechristened as National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) – notified by Govt. of India in 2012 and 2013 respectively. He has contributed towards drafting of the Credit Framework for Skills and Education by AICTE, MHRD.

    Dr Saha has visited various schools, universities, and other educational institutions and industries around the world to gain an understanding of the best practices which can be implemented in the Indian context.


    "The educational systems should rely on three solid foundations: enhancing values, life skills, and formal educational curriculum. Each of these bases completes the other, none of them can stand on its own. "

    - Noora Ahmed Alsuwaidi