Social Skills

    Life Skills Collaborative

    August 2, 2022


    These skills are a set of learned abilities that enable us to interact competently and appropriately in a given social context. These skills, also referred to as interpersonal or relational skills, enable us to effectively communicate and interact with, and meet the needs of people in various situations. Social skills are necessary for a large variety of interpersonal contexts and include capacities for appropriate verbal and non-verbal reactions. These skills also help regulate interpersonal relations and a variety of social situations.

    Social skills are important for harmonious existence in different social groups and have a great influence on the overall quality of our lives. 


    "The educational systems should rely on three solid foundations: enhancing values, life skills, and formal educational curriculum. Each of these bases completes the other, none of them can stand on its own. "

    - Noora Ahmed Alsuwaidi