There is a pressing need to have a common vocabulary for all conversations around Life Skills. Through a month-long initiative, we are fixing the spotlight on the LSC India Glossary with the hope to accelerate the life skills conversations in India. Through the Life Skills Glossary month, we are building awareness about the Life Skills Glossary, encouraging adoption of the glossary, and initiating conversations around life skills with stakeholders in this field.

With a special focus on teachers, life skills practitioners, and experts in this field, we are hosting a range of online activities, challenges, and interactions related to the LSC India Glossary and life skills.



For ongoing and upcoming events, please visit :


We have a range of challenges and activities underway. Follow us on our social media handles to participate in the ongoing challenges. You can find the open challenges and activities along with their registrations/submissions links on the right:


We invite you to share your feedback and comments on the LSC India Glossary. We are very keen to hear your ideas and suggestions as we continue to make the India Glossary better and more relevant. We are accepting feedback till 28th February! Write to us

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