Vivek Sharma

    Life Skills Collaborative

    October 29, 2022


    Vivek co-founded the Gandhi Fellowship Program at the Piramal School of Leadership, shaping inspired young people into becoming leaders of tomorrow. Earlier, as North India Director at Pratham Education Foundation, he actively engaged with state governments for executing learning enhancement and school improvement programs. Vivek was invited to teach at Delhi University and has lectured at a host of top institutions in the country, including the IITs & IIMs. Vivek sits on the Boards of a bunch of social enterprises; chaired a top private School in Delhi and was invited to the Board of Paytm Payments Bank. He is on the Steering Committee of the Quality Council of India.

    He treks to the Himalayas when he is not living in Delhi with his writer-wife. And is often found arguing with the young on the challenges of an emergent India, and tinkering with solutions which might contribute to solving a myriad social issues.


    "The educational systems should rely on three solid foundations: enhancing values, life skills, and formal educational curriculum. Each of these bases completes the other, none of them can stand on its own. "

    - Noora Ahmed Alsuwaidi