Personal Skills

    Life Skills Collaborative

    August 2, 2022


    These skills are centred on knowledge and understanding of what goes on within us, allowing us to respond with awareness, thought, and intent. Self-knowledge and self-awareness are fundamental aspects of personal skills. They are necessary to manage ourselves, reflect on our thoughts and actions and thereby help us operate effectively in social contexts. Therefore, personal skills help develop interpersonal skills and are considered a prerequisite for interpersonal skills. Knowing and accepting ourselves is the first step in understanding and accepting others, which is essential in learning to cope. 

    Personal skills are concerned with reducing internal conflict; understanding how we internally handle perceived external experiences; and coming to terms with our own attributes, limitations and potential. People with high personal skills tend to know themselves well, feel positive about themselves and  have a sense of purpose in their lives. These skills form the very foundation of everyday life and can be acquired in the same way that we learn math and language skills.


    "The educational systems should rely on three solid foundations: enhancing values, life skills, and formal educational curriculum. Each of these bases completes the other, none of them can stand on its own. "

    - Noora Ahmed Alsuwaidi