Employability Skills

    Life Skills Collaborative

    August 2, 2022


    These skills refer to the skills, knowledge, competencies and personal attributes that enhance our ability to gain and sustain employment;  be successful in the chosen occupations, benefiting ourselves while contributing to the organisation, the community and the economy. It also includes the capacity to move between jobs and remain employable throughout life.

    Employability skills refer to a group of essential abilities that  involve the development of  a  knowledge  base,   and  mindset that are necessary for success in the 21st-century workplace. They include skills necessary  for   self-advocacy  and networking  to  cope  with  changing  work  circumstances,  learn  continuously  and  be capable of working within changing teams.


    "The educational systems should rely on three solid foundations: enhancing values, life skills, and formal educational curriculum. Each of these bases completes the other, none of them can stand on its own. "

    - Noora Ahmed Alsuwaidi